Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Document Reader

Open Office:
Do i need to say anything about it? Perhaps everybody has heard of it, used it and thought atleast once, why do we pay microsoft when there's something free which is equally good. I don't know, I don't see any difference, the interface, the options all are quite the same, plus we get an integrated pdf writer with it. Hmmm... may be I'm unobservant or something.

Foxit Reader:
I'm a fan of adobe reader for pdf, it's very user friendly,fast and free, the only problem being the download size, which is over 100MB. So if u've a slow connection, u might wonder if there's a good, small pdf reader. And fortunately there is. It's the foxit reader. It's about 2MB in size and virtually has all the options we see in adobe reder. Plus it can edit the pdf, so it's a useful pdf writer if u've slow internet speed or have less space in your hard drive (like my old PC).

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