Wednesday, December 10, 2008

System Information

This is a simple program that lets u know what's inside the hood of your computer. It shows the manufacturer, type, bus speed, family, cache, available slots and everything else that a normal user needs to know when purchasing or upgrading his computer. A program worth keeping at your hand.

Media Player

Video LAN:
A free universal player which never says plug in not found, or go here & there to play the file. Who cares for the looks? It's the style of simplicity (Where have I heard that?).

Compression Utility

For file compression 7zip is an extremly uselful software. It supports lots of formats like .7z, .zip, .rar, .iso, .gz etc and incorporates powerful compression. The best part is it's totally free.

Download Manager

Free Download Manager:
This is a wonderful, wonderful download manager. I'm a supporter of the free softwares and when i tell my friends about this, I feel proud that a software of this quality is around us for free. It has everything you ever think of a download manager, it merges with any browser that you're using and it provides download resume, schedule, dial up, shut down, control of mode, no of active downloads, torrent download, you just name it! It even can download a whole website by html-spider, you just need to show the depth of downloading.There's also a community support which lets u know if there's any virus inside the download. cool huh?


Here is my favourite browser. It has the same feeling like using the nokia phones. How do they know, what I'm looking for right now? It has all things I need frequently at my fingertip, like adding a new tab, or show and hide the images, or find sth on the page, password wand. Plus it has so many cool skins and widgets to download. I've also heard that it has the best color rendering. oh the best part..... u can download torrent files and it doesn't keep track of the seed or leech ratio. YES!!!.

Document Reader

Open Office:
Do i need to say anything about it? Perhaps everybody has heard of it, used it and thought atleast once, why do we pay microsoft when there's something free which is equally good. I don't know, I don't see any difference, the interface, the options all are quite the same, plus we get an integrated pdf writer with it. Hmmm... may be I'm unobservant or something.

Foxit Reader:
I'm a fan of adobe reader for pdf, it's very user friendly,fast and free, the only problem being the download size, which is over 100MB. So if u've a slow connection, u might wonder if there's a good, small pdf reader. And fortunately there is. It's the foxit reader. It's about 2MB in size and virtually has all the options we see in adobe reder. Plus it can edit the pdf, so it's a useful pdf writer if u've slow internet speed or have less space in your hard drive (like my old PC).

Security Softwares

AVG Free Edition:
Are u looking for a very good anti virus software for gratis? Then u need AVG free edition. I've been using it since version 7.0 and now with version 8.0 it provides effective protection against virus, malwares, spywares, trojan horses. It has an active anti-virus, anti-spyware, E-mail scanner, Update manager. Just install it and forget everything else. It also doesn't slow the system down, so try it yourself.
For an antivirus software, avg is fantastic. But why let a virus access your pc at all? That's the job of a firewall and i assure that i ain't talking about the windows one. There're a lot of free good firewalls, but i'm speaking about comodo. It's nice and compact, checks the system at initial installation, and prevents any application that tries to run at the background. Ever since i installed avg and comodo together, there've not been any virus related problems at all. So give it a shot, u might even like it.